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About us

Our nūu boards draw inspiration from past shapes and design but with subtly blended modern concepts. Classic outlines, progressive foils, rockers and rail profiles combine to give each nūu board a fresh fun feeling in the water.

The range of boards combines traditional shapes with both modern surfboard technology and classic PU versions. The EPS boards are built with a combination of natural wood stringers, high-density expanded polystyrene and laminated with layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin.

The use of modern EPS/Epoxy technologies gives the board superior strength and flex memory compared to traditional Polyurethane/Polyester, along with reducing the amount of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) released into the environment.

The new PU range comes in clear and colored designs, with high-density PU, 6mm stringers and artisan construction at some very accessible pricing. All nūu in PU construction come with either Surf 10 boxes, Futures compatible boxes or a combination of the two.

About us