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CONSTRUCTION: Now available in polyurethane blank with poly resin for that 70's Gordon Clark planted feel.

OUTLINE: A Modern /classic combination outline with mid widepoint give this twinny a contemporary feel but with the speed and freedom of the classic 80’s twin fin.


ROCKER: Classic smooth performance rocker.


CONTOURS AND RAILS: Beak in the nose allows for a disguised thickness under chest but with a low-performance rail for sensitivity under foot. Mellow V throughout increasing slightly in between fins.


PERFORMANCE: All-rounder


5'10'' x 20'' x 2 ¹/²" - 32.3 L

6'2'' x 20 ¹/⁴'' x 2 ³/⁴" - 38.8 L

Core: HD PU

Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 4 oz. / 4 oz. Patch

Layup Bottom: 6 oz. + 4 oz. Finpatch

Stringer: 6 mm

Fins: 2x Futures-compatible boxes

PU Facepalm

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